CompuGain AWS DynamoDB Services

CompuGain AWS DynamoDB Services

CompuGain is an Advanced AWS partner delivering End to End solutions to solve complex business needs for fortune 500 clients. AWS DynomoDB is a massively scalable, robust, reliable NOSQL, Key-value foundational service. CompuGain built, fully managed, automated, and highly performant enterprise-ready modern application systems in banking & finance, healthcare, and travel & logistics firms.

CompuGain’s “serverless-first” strategy aligned with modern delivery tenets and coupled with AWS advanced serverless technologies like AWS DynamoDB, AWS Lambda, AWS Glue, etc., enables our clients to achieve enterprise agility. Our advanced expertise, accelerators enable “Idea to realization,” “Modernization of a monolith,” “cloud-native performant data store” at a rapid pace.

CompuGain delivers end-end AWS DynamoDB solutions in the following areas:

  • Establish, architect, support, and maintain the enterprise hybrid cloud data strategy with DynamoDB.
  • Provide highly reliable, available, performant database backend systems for real-time web applications.
  • Provide DynamoDB data stores as part of batch/real-time data pipelines.
  • Provide advanced DynamoDB design to optimize the operational costs.
  • Provide flexible and reusable microservices/ micro frontends using DynamoDB as a serverless data store.
  • Provide automated security controls with End to End data encryption at rest and in motion.
  • Provide high reliability with fully automated DEVSECOPS pipelines to provide Database automation for DynamoDB.
  • Provide high availability with Multi-Region, Enterprise disaster recovery capable DynamoDB architecture and design.
  • Provide advanced DynamoDB streams capability to stream the data to multiple destinations.
  • Provide advanced database re-engineering from traditional databases to DynamoDB table design.
  • Provide HIPAA, GDPR, NPI/PPI compliant end-to-end solutions with DynamoDB.


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