Case Study

Security-First Promotion Model for a Cyber Security Leader

About the Customer

The customer is a leader in the cybersecurity space that offers worldwide brand and customer protection at scale by deploying customer and brand protection solutions that encompass all market verticals and digital service sectors that fall prey to scams.

The Challenge

The customer provides an adaptive, intelligent, real-time threat protection service for all types of attacks across multiple digital channels. Their current product is a comprehensive, configurable threat protection platform with advanced phishing attack monitoring, targeted data sources, threat analysis, and so on. Due to the rise in digital adoption in the pandemic, the client is experiencing rapid growth and feature request. Automation of infrastructure creation, Application Deployments, Quality control, and Monitoring had become the key to scale the existing platform, provide increased reliability, and innovate with new product features.

To gain a competitive advantage in the market, the customer sought a partner who could assist them in setting industry standard DevSecOps practice, Build and Deploy pipelines to automate their manual processes and provide reliability.

What we did


CI/CD Pipeline Service

Infrastructure as Code

Performance Testing

Architecture Review

Cloud Operations and Monitoring

Solution Offered

CompuGain’s team of DevOps Practice Leads, Cloud Practitioners, Solution Architects, and Engineers designed and delivered Infrastructure as a Code pipeline to address the above challenge. The following services were provided:

  • Assessment of existing DevSecOps practices and architecture.
  • Cloud Advisory services on DevSecOps infrastructure, application architecture and design.
  • Built reusable, common Jenkins toolchain for building and deploying infrastructure/applications across enterprise.
  • Designed a pluggable, dynamic, observable, reusable and modular CI/CD Pipeline using Jenkins, Python, Artifactory, Docker and Terraform.
  • Jenkins Pipelines were designed and developed to deploy the following AWS services /components : AWS managed Kafka, AWS ECS, AWS ECR, AWS ElastiCache, AWS API Gateway, AWS EFS, AWS ALB/ELB
  • Designed and developed terraform templates to automate and provision infrastructure components.
  • Automated code build and tagging with devpi server, containerization.
  • Deployed Cloud and Cloud-native applications to multiple deployment targets using the CI/CD pipeline services.
  • Designed and developed automated pipelines for database deployments to AWS Aurora using Flyway.
  • Setup Application Monitoring using Elastic, Splunk, and AWS CloudWatch.

Results and Benefits

With the Successful implementation of a CI/CD Pipeline and delivery of Infrastructure as a Code, the product team was able to achieve the following outcomes and benefits:


Process Automation


Faster Deployments


Provisioning of right sized cloud

Business Benefits

  • Rapid delivery of product capabilities due to 100% Process automation.
  • Improvement in reliability due to reduction in manual infrastructure provisioning.
  • Ability to analyse and provision right sized scalable cloud components which led to optimized cloud cost.
  • Faster turn-around time to setup new environments to build POCs for new business opportunities.

Technical Benefits

  • Continuous software delivery with rapid iterations.
  • Productivity boost with 10X increase in build and deploy efficiency.
  • Homogeneous environments provisioned as per enterprise cloud governance.
  • Improved code quality and performance.
  • Reduced chaos by Elimination of ad-hoc changes to infrastructure .

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